About Safety

Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd philosophy is prevention is better than cure. Safety is paramount to the service of the company and with our records in the Oil and Gas industry operation, proves our efficiencies and continuous improvement principles.

Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd believes our People are the source of strength that provides the foundation of our intelligent and determined reputation and delivery to our clients of, a safe operation resulting in zero accidents and reduced operational downtime. This includes providing backup aircraft, faster response times whenever aircraft are down for maintenance and efficient support systems.

Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd Crew are certified experienced FAA/EASA trained personnel in accordance with the industry and country of operation regulation requirements. The company’s high standard safety policy of operation both Onshore and Offshore is strictly adhered to and achieved.


Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd safety first attitudes encourages and emphasize the customer service, quality and commitment of the crews both in Flying and maintenance of our aircraft fleet. Our company utilizes worldwide highly experienced rated pilots and maintenance crew with over 150 years total on the job gives us an overwhelming edge over our competition.


Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd operates both fixed wings and rotary wings aircraft which include:

Westland Augusta AW139, A109, Sikorsky S76, S92,

Bell Helicopters B206, B407, B427, B214ST, B412.

The fixed wings are:

Challenger 601, 604, 605,

Global Express (BBD-700) 5000, XRS, GIV and GV.


Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd is certified by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). Permit # NCAA/ATR2/AOP83. Also Experienced crew that has operated in different world territories with the Air Carrier Operator’s equivalent licenses.

Safety policy

Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd safety policies ensures the safety and protection of people, property and the environment.
The Management of Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd is committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions and attitudes within the Company.
This enforces the Safety and health of all employees, passengers, and the protection of the environment, the company utmost importance are in the conduct of our business.

Risks in all operations are managed through 5S (Sort, Shine, Set in Order, Standardize and Sustain) program to prevent occupational injuries and illness. All levels of management are responsible and held accountable for providing
a safe work environment through active leadership, procedures, training program and communication.

All employees and customers shall familiarize themselves and comply with relevant safety and health policies, regulations and information.
They shall use the appropriate safety and health equipment provided by the company.

We expect excellence in safety and health performance in our Company through the support and active participation of all levels.

Engr. Femi Adeniji
Chief Operating Officer

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