Forestry and Land Fire Services

We are contracted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Interior, and numerous State agencies to perform various fire suppression operations. Operations can include firefighter transport, water bucket operations, external long line, logistical support, mountainous terrain recons, and off airport landings in confined areas.

To do so, we operate a diversified fleet of helicopters that are well suited for the numerous and challenging fire suppression applications. By conducting annual staff and equipment inspections, we ensure that we meet safety standards and exceed your expectations for service.

Agriculture Support Services

We can also assist you in the prevention of crop damage. Farmers struggle when temperatures drop below freezing causing damage to crops. It’s a costly expense, but we can help. Helicopters are a smart way to avoid heavy frost conditions. The powerful rotor down wash of a slow-moving helicopter can circulate warm air around the plants, preventing further damage from frost.

The rotor wash can also be used to dry off fruit, like cherries, after a heavy rain. In this way, we’re helping farmers avoid disaster and keep costs low.