Aerial Construction Lift Services

Offering lifting capabilities up to 9,000 lbs, our diverse fleet of helicopters means that we can meet the lifting requirements for any construction project or lift operation, doing so in a safe and cost effective manner. Our engagement with you, our customer, allows us to provide a cost effective needs analysis of their project that will meet the specific time-frame of the project.

Specializing in Part-133 External Load Operations, we provide lift services ranging from light to heavy and aerial crane services to both individual states and the United States government. We’re also well known for our safety practices providing safe, fast and efficient aerial lifts for transport and placement of large items.

Our aerial construction services also provide a safe and secure means of achieving your goals with minimal setup and disruption of the local environment. Our experienced pilots are capable of extreme precision, working within tight tolerances in wherever you need us—from congested urban areas to isolated mountain tops.

It is our goal to:

  • Provide an experienced and highly skilled crew
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Increase efficiency and speed of work
  • Navigate in hard to reach areas
  • Execute projects quickly and in a cost effective manner
  • Maintain the highest level of safety

Utility Support Services

Helicopter services are a great resource for utility companies, making it more convenient and cost effective to perform emergency repairs or necessary maintenance to power lines. We understand this need and provide skilled crews to assist energy companies. From placing poles and towers to pulling lead lines, we have experience in all aspects of power line installation. Our fleet can easily reach those inaccessible locations with less impact on the environment. Because some areas are so vast, travel by aircraft is the most efficient means to get these jobs done. The advantage to using helicopters over cranes is simply that we can get into areas that cranes cannot. Aerial access means that we can place equipment anywhere, even in difficult terrain. We do not need large open areas to land. Often we can fit into tight spaces in remote terrain that makes jobs very difficult.

As an FAA Part 135 operator, we can also provide additional transport services to your team as needed. We offer year-round availability and versatile load capabilities while operating under the highest safety standards and best practices. We are your partner of choice for utility projects. We’ll even assist in coordinating the logistics of your project to ensure everything goes as planned.

And, when severe weather or seismic activity hits, CHI Aviation has the means to conduct emergency line inspections and quickly repair any form of damages.